Black Lodge - Pow-Wow Songs (at fort Duchesne)

Time: 56:27
13 Tracks
Размер: 55.27 Мб
Native American


Black Lodge — Live at Fort Duchesne (Pow-wow Songs Recorded Live at Fort Duchesne)

Recorded live in 1991 at the 23rd Northern Ute Pow-Wow at Fort Duchesne, Utah, this digitally remastered classic demonstrates Black Lodge's talents at the height of their singing and songwriting careers.


1.Grand Entry;
2.Blackfeet Flag Song;
4.Desert Storm Song;
5.Contest Song;
6.Contest Song;
7.Contest Song;
8.Contest Song;
9.Traditional Song;
10.Contest Song;
11.Contest Song;
12.Contest Song;
13.Contest So

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